Limo Service FAQs

How far in advance should I book?
You can book right up to the date of your event. But if you wait too long, the vehicle you prefer may not be available. For weddings we suggest 1 year in advance or 1.5 years for prime dates.

Can I rent a limo for only one hour?
Yes it is possible, but not during prime time hours. Because of the extensive preparation and travel time involved in a single service, the overall majority of limousine companies are not willing to offer service for one hour.  One exception, if your one-hour need can be piggybacked to another booking in a prime time slot.

Can I inspect the vehicles on site?
We recommend you visit any company you are considering.  Bring a camera.  Let them know you expect to receive the same vehicle you are shown.  Ask for the VIN number, plate number, or car code to ensure they send you the same vehicle.

Why are prices different for each limo company?
Simply put, you get what you pay for.  Quality companies provide clean vehicles, on time, every time, driven by safe, courteous, professional chauffeurs.  The bitter taste of poor quality will always outweigh the euphoria of low cost.

Do you monitor chauffeur quality?
Yes we do. Spot inspections, trip reviews, satellite tracking, drive cams, mandatory inspection logs, drug tests, road tests, written tests.

What is a CDL license and why is it so important?
CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License.  Requirements and testing to obtain this type of license are strict.  The government holds CDL chauffeurs to a higher standard than any other driver on the road.  When chauffeurs are committed to your safety they chose to attain the highest license available for passenger transportation.  CDL chauffeurs are drug tested, road tested, and written tested annually.  CDL chauffeurs are professional in appearance, knowledge of the area, and your safety, but those are not their only skills.  They will do their best to accommodate any personal request and meet all your expectations as a quality transportation provider.What happens to all the driver applicants that don’t meet these high White Diamond Limousine standards?  They go to work for our competitors.

How can I get the best price?
Friday and Sunday weddings may be discounted. Saturday weddings before noon may be discounted.  Sunday through Thursday may be discounted.  More than 5 hours may be discounted.  Multiple cars may be discounted.  Repeat customers may be discounted . November through March may be discounted. Multiple jobs (wedding + bachelor party) may be discounted.

How much will a limo cost?
Many variables go into determining prices.  Like the airlines, we set our prices according to demand. Below are other factors that will affect your price.
Month: April through October are premium months.
Day and time: Saturdays noon to 6pm are prime time.
Duration: 4 hours is the standard block of time.
Vehicle: The larger the vehicle, the higher the hourly rate.

Do you require a deposit?
All bookings require a deposit.  Buses and SUVs are $300 and all others are $200. If these numbers are higher than the total cost of your booking then 50% is required.

What credit cards do you accept?
MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

Do you offer nationwide and international service?
White Diamond Limousine offers services nationwide through a network of affiliate partners.  These partners have been screened to ensure that they have the same high professional standards as our primary location.

Does White Diamond provide a 24-hour reservation service?
Yes. White Diamond Limousine is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are your procedures in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident?
White Diamond Limousine always puts clients’ interest first.  In the case of an accident or breakdown, the White Diamond Limousine on duty manager will be in constant communication with the chauffeur.  As soon as another vehicle is available it is immediately dispatched to the area.

Can I book a reservation online?
Yes.  Online reservations can be made in the reservations area of this website.  But online reservations must have 24 hr. notice and confirmation of availability.

What do I do about my out of town guests?
White Diamond Limousine has many forms of transportation available to you.  Our experience in this field will be a great help in guiding you through the logistics of the multiple needs of out of town guests.

Do you track flight delays and cancellations?
White Diamond Limousine utilizes a real-time flight tracking system that tracks all flights, commercial or private.

What are your airport meet-and-greet procedures?
White Diamond Limousine offers multiple choices at the airport.
Curb Side: Your chauffeur will be parked outside baggage claim in front of the taxi stand. This location can be easily seen from the baggage claim doors.
Security Gate: Upon request your chauffeur can meet your arriving passengers in the terminal as they exit the TSA security gate, holding a sign. $25 parking fee is required.
Arrival Gate: Upon request your chauffeur can meet your arriving passengers in the terminal as they exit the aircraft, holding a sign. $50 additional fee required.
Private aviation: Our chauffeurs are experienced in handling political and celebrity clients and crowds they draw.  Upon request to your intended flight support team and us, we can meet your aircraft on the tarmac or in the terminal.

Will I be charged if my flight is late?
Because of our aircraft tracking system we are able to avoid most chargeable delays. Only two circumstances could cause additional charges. Lost luggage may cause chargeable time delays or if we are picking you up in a different city and the delay happens after our chauffeur has left our base.  This type of delay only happens on flights of 2 hours or less.

What are Drive Cams?
This new safety device has changed the way chauffeurs drive.  Here’s how it works: the camera records on a continuous 60 second loop, always overwriting the previous 60 seconds.  In the event of an accident or any high g-force driving, such as rapid acceleration, sharp cornering or hard braking, 30 seconds of the loop is automatically extracted and saved for review. This saved data gives instructors a visual training tool for improving all chauffeurs driving skills.

What are your vehicle inspection services?
Vehicles are fully inspected four times each year and have unannounced spot inspections.

Do I Have to tip the driver, and if so, how much?
YES!  Your driver is working in the service industry just like a waiter or bartender, but assumes a much more responsible role.  The standard tip is 20% of the total fare. If you feel your driver has performed in an exceeding manner, you can tip more. Some companies will AUTOMATICALLY include the gratuity (tip) in their total price quote. When making reservations, always ask if GRATUITY is included in the total price. If not, you should budget an extra twenty percent towards your total bill for driver gratuity.

Can I drink alcohol in the limousine?
Typically “yes” if it is legal in your area.  The laws vary from state to state so ask when you book the limousine.  Underage drinking in a limousine is ILLEGAL, no matter what state you live in and a reputable company WILL NOT allow it, so you risk losing your charter total and being arrested if you violate the law.
YES, It is legal in the State of Florida to drink alcohol in a licensed limousine.

Call the limo experts at White Diamond Limousine 352-637-LIMO (5466) or use our online reservation system to book your limo service.